Lavish Aggarwal Managing Director


Sustainable Agriculture is what the World is working on and we in India have equally embraced the strategies and sciences to develop products which can ensure sustained Profitability, Eco-system and Quality of Life for farmers.

Indo Organics Pvt. Ltd. has begun its journey with a Possibility of Future with the same mission. Our strategy rests on promise and commitment to provide consistent quality, continuous availability and ever-growing profitability for our channel partners.

I0L in technical collaboration with Indogulf Cropsciences USA Corp, Orlando, introduces a mix of Organic products and a range of non- organic pesticides, fungicides, plant nutrients, crop boosters and energizers. The focus is simple and clear- Farmer to get a better yield of a quality crop. The product matrix has been developed as per the stage of the crop and the farmer is being educated about this through markings on the pack design.

We come from established business family from paper industry but have been closely associated with Agrochemical business through personal relationship network. I have always been intrigued by fact that farmers who feed us all are some of the most ignored community. No wonder I have taken a stead into Agriculture with the promise of making a future.

We look forward to your cooperation and partnership in making our mission of creating sustainable business which benefits the farmer and the ecological system for our mother Earth.